Gold Trail translation recognises Chinese heritage

Brochure in Chinese

The Indigo Gold Trail brochure is now available to a potential audience of more than 1.5 billion people with a translation now available in simplified Chinese.

Simplified Chinese is the main written language of mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore.

Thousands of miners arrived from China during the mid-19th Century to seek their fortunes at diggings across Victoria, including the many historical sites included in the Indigo Gold Trail. Today, evidence of their presence can be seen in the objects, relics and photographs held in collections of the Burke Museum in Beechworth, the Yackandandah Museum, the Chiltern Athenaeum and the Old Schoolhouse Museum in Rutherglen.

Also well worth a visit are the Beechworth Cemetery and the Carlyle Cemetery in Rutherglen where many footstones as well as fine examples of Chinese Burning Towers remain as testament to the Chinese miners who ended their days far from home.

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